Specialty Areas

Some of my areas of experience/interest are as follows:

ChildrenĀ and Adolescents – I have received special training for working with children, utilizing age appropriate Play Therapy techniques and interventions.

  • Behavioral Problems
  • Childhood Depression
  • Childhood Anxiety
  • Sibling Difficulty
  • Victim of Bullying
  • Academic difficulties/providing advocacy with school system
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Developmental Adjustment of Adolescents
  • Self Harm Behaivors: Cutting, Thoughts of Suicide

Parenting Skills

  • New solutions for problem behaviors
  • Understanding your child or teens behaviors
  • Parenting strategies based on current research

Family Conflict

  • Evaluating the family system and ways to restructure the system to reduce conflicts
  • Exploring communication skills to reduce conflict


  • Underlying causes that contribute to depression
  • Strategies to reduce depression and increase quality of mood


  • Examine triggers to anxiety
  • Explore research based strategies to effectively reduce anxiety


  • Unresolved trauma can lead to many psychological symptoms
  • Strategies to address trauma in a safe, nurturing environment
  • Building coping skills to reduce symptoms

Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse, and Incest Survivors

  • Examining the impact of the trauma
  • Exploring ways to heal in a safe environment
  • Reclaiming your sense of self as a survivor

Grief and Loss

  • Honoring the loss while finding ways to cope and move forward

Relationship Difficulties

  • Exploring causes of conflict
  • Increasing positive communication skills
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies